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Песня:Death Wish
песня Death Wish
Альбом:The Last Kiss
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Death Wish (Длительность 03:24)

Текст песни Jadakiss - Death Wish
They must got a death wish Cause they was on the road to the riches Back in the day, but they got off on the exit Real disrespect shit Whenever a nigga try to fuck up your investment, it’s hard to digest it These young niggas don’t wanna get punched in they faces So they keep the burner on 'em, and catch a bunch of cases These old niggas still think they living in the 80's And shorties that they knew since they were babies turned crazy The bitches still holla at anybody lookin' like they gettin' a couple dollars Could fuck, suck and swallow Ain’t nobody winning, but everybody can’t lose The dirt’s still there, funeral home ain’t move Going in, coming out gang affiliated You’d rather go back before being humiliated A black cloud over the hood, you can’t escape it Dust smoking niggas walking 'round in the matrix Loyalty is thin, the tension is thick Look at a broke nigga’s face when you mention a brick Stick-up kids come around when they sense that you rich Candles and lizzle get lit when you get hit with the fifth Niggas that used to hoop dream is now selling the piff And they still ratting but you can’t tell if you stiff Especially when the Tec spit Fuck around get your head, and your neck hit, looking for a death wish Talking out your mouth, all reckless To a nigga that you know, that’ll let it off, that’s a death wish When your heart stops, and your body gets breathless And help don’t come in enough time, that’s a death wish When you see the blood and realize that your chest is hit And don’t know where it came from, that’s a death wish When you know a nigga, whole style’s on some next shit And you violate 'em that’s a death wish Young Money! Ahh, I be on that way left shit Better get right or get left shit Better hit right or get left hit Even if you threw the best pitch Yes bitch it’s Weezy-F bitch, I’m the best bitch Motherfuck your guest list, I be like, let’s just Kill him and get breakfast, neck slit Next shit expect this, every time you check this I’m exit, I mean, excited to be your death wish Bitch I wear this G shit on my heart, not my necklace And I keep the Heckler for the hecklers And I’m from the Mecca of the reckless with a record-breaking death list The reckless and neglecters think the election won’t affect us I’m high above you, above law, above average Niggas snitching, put niggas in a can like a beverage Damn! I pop at your head, fuck up your memories I put a bullet in Nina head and let her reminisce Yeah, if you don’t remember shit you goin' remember this I’m knocking niggas down this year, I’m on my timber shit Big lion growl at you niggas on that Simba shit I’ll be on that «Fuck yo' clique, I’ll kill every member» shit Cold as December shit, bang in any weather shit And they could buy your bag with body parts sold separate Yeah, that’s a bet bitch like Russian Roulette bitch Weezy be the genie in a bottle, here’s your death wish

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