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Песня:Grind Hard
песня Grind Hard
Альбом:The Last Kiss
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Grind Hard (Длительность 05:06)

Текст песни Jadakiss - Grind Hard
Oooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Oooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Oooh! Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Now we shinin' hard just like we wanna do Grindin' day and night, so we can kick off our shoes And there’s the glamorous life; look what we made it to! We some real live bosses, got 'em lookin' at you We grind hard (oooh-ooh!) To play harder (oooh-ooh!) We touch the stars (oooh-ooh!) That’s what they call us (oooh-ooh!) We grind hard (oooh-ooh!) To fight 'em all off (oooh-ooh!) We grind hard (oooh-ooh!) To play harder (oooh-ooh!) Ha-ha! Yo! Twenty-four seven, three-six-five If we ain’t breaking 'em down, then we lettin' 'em fly! Nah — never I, always we I came in the game dividin' the pies by three Then we got famished, so we set standards Very similar to the +Ten Crack Commandments+ Some couldn’t take it, others got lost and couldn’t make it We wanted to floss, but couldn’t fake it! The Hood embraced it, the rest is basic No need to rush, be extra patient! The new four-door Porsche is extra spacious Same entourage, no extra faces! Hands down, the best — no explanations! And to the top is the next destination! And ain’t no time-outs! Death is the only time We gonna sign-out! So we gonna grind out! What?! Ha-ha! Ugh! Yeah! Yo! Top 5, Dead Or Alive’s what they consider him! Soon as them things come in, we get rid of 'em +Mo Money, Mo Problems+ - gotta live with 'em! Only thing they care about is what you givin' 'em! Not the energy that you wasted in the game Or the tears that trickled down your face from the pain The time your jaw cracked, you wasted the 'caine Had to do two shifts to make it the same! That all changed, as soon as you tasted the fame And it was all worth it, after you made you a name Thanks to Our Heavily Father We fly on the jet now, 'stead of the charter Leave a nice tip in the front for the gardener Do a lot of listenin', so we stay smarter Everybody’s a hero, when they get scarred-up It’s my ball — check it up, y’all better guard-up! Let’s go! When we step up out that car The whole damn world’s lookin' at us Cause they knew what’s from before Now we ain’t hurtin' no more «You can bring me the bill, I’ll sign my name!» Now we’re flyin' private planes and such Lookin' like a million bucks +You Can’t Tell Me Nothing!+

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