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Песня:Stress Ya
песня Stress Ya
Альбом:The Last Kiss
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Stress Ya (Длительность 03:39)

Текст песни Jadakiss - Stress Ya
If you want it, come get it If you want it, come get it If you want it, come get it (New York City must be) Yeah, you can dance if you want to But you really don’t have to dance See you got your eyes on the hustlers, you just wanna touch us C’mon with the lump in your pants See, I ain’t gon' stress ya But I know my glow got you under pressure You already know that the flow is extra Stand right here so the blocks can catch ya, listen C’mon, c’mon. naw, uh-huh You know, AH-HAH! Uh, yo If you wan' take a picture with money then stand right here You see all eyes is on the man right here Us hookin up is the plan I swear And you ain’t gotta dance, you could stand right there Nice hips plus she got an ass to lean on Type of honey that you wanna flash the green on Real New Yorker, brilliant author The work still on the same scale as Orca Still sellin the kush and lightin the sour Still in the hood gettin right with the powder So it ain’t no need in fightin the power Cause the flicks’ll be up on every site in an hour, c’mon Uh-uh, uh-huh, know, AH-HAH! Uh, yo — J to the MWAH I’m one of the best in world ma, that’s what they say on the blogs Look in the garage, half of the cars Off the bars, and the other half off the mall My entourage is large, so hard 'Kiss run the streets, my niggas run the yard Whoever disagree could bet they get scarred We keep it so rugged but we still so suave Just seen your girl, 'bout to give me a massage Her friend wanna join, 'bout to make it a ménage Let the desert off for the sake of the mirage Cause it all look good, until the Louis lands far, yeah Uh-uh, uh-huh, you know, AH-HAH! Uhh, yeah, yo — flow extra, dough extra They recognize the glow no matter who he’s next to Recognized your ho, then he probably sexed her All my hood niggas gettin money, throw your sets up You know what it is with the kid, put your bets up Honey wanna slide but I got her under pressure Keep tryin to tell her that I ain’t tryin to stress her But come stand right here so the blocks can catch ya; let’s go New York City must be… New York City must be… New York City must be… New York City must be…

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