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Sacrifice (Длительность 03:55)

Текст песни September - Sacrifice
I heard you say you’re living For the joy of giving But it’s not that noble if you’ve got a motive Now it’s goodbye, all I’m thinking now is goodbye Hey, Mister Saint of nothing You’re the king of bluffing 'Cause you spend your loving Always wanting something And it’s goodbye, all I’m feeling now is goodbye Don’t need your lame persuading Now your star is fading You can toss that halo, 'cause your love’s sale Oh, now it’s goodbye, all I’m saying now is goodbye So take a fall from heaven, wings on fire I’ll be down here waiting You’ve been a good ride baby, but you’re overrated If you go giving it to be getting Then it ain’t much of a sacrifice Good time, baby, but I’ll catch you later If you’re not working for what you’re betting Then it ain’t much of a sacrifice

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