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Песня:Living In Sin
Артист:Bon Jovi
песня Living In Sin
Альбом:New Jersey
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Living In Sin (Длительность 04:39)

Текст песни Bon Jovi - Living In Sin
I don’t need no license To sign on no line And I don’t need no preacher To tell me you’re mine I don’t need no diamonds I don’t need no new bride I just need you, baby To look me in the eye I know they have a hand time And your Daddy don’t approve But I don’t need your Daddy Telling us what we should do Now there’s a million questions I could ask about our lives But I only need one answer To get me through the night So baby, can you tell me just where we fit in I call it love they call it living in sin Is it you and me or just this world we live in I say we’re living on love they say we’re living in sin Is it right for both our parents Who fight it out most nights Then pray for God’s forgiveness When they both turn out the lights Or wear that ring of diamonds When your heart is made of stone You can talk but still say nothing You stay together but alone Or is it right to hold you And kiss your lips goodnight They say the promise is forever If you sign it on the dotted line I call it love they call it living in sin Living in sin I don’t know where to begin I don’t know where we fit in Living in sin

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