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Песня:Shoot For The Moon
Артист:Busta Rhymes
песня Shoot For The Moon
Альбом:Back On My B.S.
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Shoot For The Moon (Длительность 03:20)

Текст песни Busta Rhymes - Shoot For The Moon
As we go way beyond sky’s the limit, and you know who we are We shootin for the moon and land on the starrrrrrrrrrrrrs Let us land on the stars, let us land on the stars Let us land on the stars We 'bout to do it real big like outta this world and we takin it far Shootin for the moon and land on the starrrrrrrrrrrrrs Let us land on the stars, let us land on the stars Let us land on the stars, let us Now don’t you think this shit’s outrageous? At this point if you don’t see I’m one of the greatest I play the long time up in the league with the majors In every history book they add a couple more pages Like — about the way I take 'em through stages On different levels, peep the way it read on the gauges Regardless I’mma love 'em, I don’t care how they hate us No matter how they try, see they could never replace us Like — mommy always said beware of the dangers Embrace genuine love, be careful of strangers Cause when you are the best they try to weaken and change us They don’t recognize at first but always do when you’re famous Like — I live my life bold and courageous And invest my time and always calculatin my wages And let me lead the march, they’ll probably start to parade us Because you know that I’m comin to SAVE US I spread my wings takin off properly I laugh at muh’fuckers that’ll think they can top me I laugh harder cause somebody said that they dropped me When I’m flyin through the sky now how the hell they gon' stop me Like — most of the time it’s good to be patient Now I’m back with the crack, sorry for keepin you waitin Prepare the food right for the street and season the steak and Grab a champagne glass and put it up, we celebratin Like — and tell me who you tryin to race with (who?) If you ain’t notice nigga I be ridin a spaceship I’m light years ahead and way beyond all the fake shit I gotta stay away from trash because I probably’ll break shit Like — I know it’s kinda hard to believe this (why?) The way I always come back and return with the heat bitch This shit ain’t a secret, son it’s hard to defeat this Risin out the ashes, flyin like a PHOENIX See now you see I’m back in the zone, B And it feels good to be home with Sylvia Rhone see Back to smash on the planet, niggas know I’m the only One to be back with the authentic to smash all the phonies Like — we mostly do the thing that you can’t teach And then send 'em a rhyme into that bullshit you can’t reach Then I give you shit that make the hood wanna bang in the street And state my word is bond, I live out what I SPEAK nigga!

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