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Песня:Give Em What They Askin For
Артист:Busta Rhymes
песня Give Em What They Askin For
Альбом:Back On My B.S.
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Give Em What They Askin For (Длительность 03:24)

Текст песни Busta Rhymes - Give Em What They Askin For
They say we make the greatest HITS So who am I, to dis-AGREE? I hear the streets callin, y’all was lookin for ME Everybody, was lookin for one thing You lookin for something, well I got the something Now every single person that was lookin for something Well let me give 'em what they askin fo' - HEY! Let me give 'em what they askin fo' - HEY, HEY! Hey — what’chu tryin to know? I got the sick Southside and it ain’t no joke Hot cookin, sittin pretty, shiny smokes Up in the fine cuisine, sup a little wine with my folks A bunch of filthy rich niggas that be grindin the most Bunch of ace of spade models makin champagne toasts And I got, Armani suits, sick wrists on glow A nigga back, hittin harder than a 2×4 See them diamonds, yeah I bet’cha never seen 'em befo' Drippin off a nigga 'til the stones’ll fall on the flo' I’m throwin, money down the room to please myself I’m into self-preservation so I freeze myself See I’m so, dipped fresh I wanna squeeze myself And do it so big sometimes I can’t believe myself No matter how hard a nigga greed my wealth See you can front if you want, the game need my help Now let’s GO~! Hey — how you ain’t gon' choke When you see five mills hangin off my throat? We don’t know about the drugs, but you know mines coke Couple Venezuelan bitches chillin on my boat Now now now, a lot of niggas ridin on my coat But I don’t worry cause you know the difference is mines dope E’rytime the hood’s eatin nigga they find hope Ain’t nuttin change same birdie hangin off my rope Now listen — I got the 50 if you all want smoke Just put your lips up to your fingers if you takin a toke You see I gladly share the weed just never leave me the roach When I get with bitches in the building they be catchin the ghost I’m sayin, go 'head and roam girl and giggle around me Break your shit, the shit it start to wiggle around me So, swaggnificent the shit won’t stop Just got the crib fit with airplane lights on top Now let’s GO~! Hey — how you all gon' sleep When a nigga like the groove but beepin on my creep So serious, when you walk up on my street The Violator hood niggas busy parkin my fleet Of vehicles from East Europe I can hardly repeat The names of, shit is strange but it’s hard to defeat How we do it and we kill 'em 'til there ain’t nuttin left I finish niggas e’rytime because we do it to death Now let’s GO~!

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