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Артист:Busta Rhymes
песня Sugar
Альбом:Back On My B.S.
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Sugar (Длительность 04:04)

Текст песни Busta Rhymes - Sugar
Yeah, ay baby Put your hand on my heart Tell me if you ever felt a heartbeat like this, like this (like this) Boom boom boom boom boom! Is the sound that you hear from my heart beatin hard like a bass drum Zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom! As my blood starts to race through my veins, all I want is to be close to you I like you in those boots, you know just what to do Girl let me see those tattoos, I’m gon' ride with you Right here’s the perfect place, for me to kiss and fuck you I can’t wait to taste your, sugar! I wanna taste your body (yeah) I wanna taste your face Wanna taste your breasts, taste below your waist (uh-huh) That’s some of my many wishes Fresh out the bubble bath girl, you taste so delicious From when you leave to go to work and how you blow me kisses (yes!) The way you come back to the crib and cook and wash the dishes (right) It’s kinda hard to fight it, once the fire is ignited You feel my heartbeat baby? You got me so excited I can’t explain the feelin, it’s such an amazin thing You’re like a prize possession (man) a gift to any king (Aw shit girl) My wings, is only here to protect us (uh-huh) No matter what we go through (no matter what) and how it might affect us Tired of the lectures, a piece to tell me chill But they don’t really understand, what I’m tryin to build (I got you) But I brush it off as nothin, baby let me tell you somethin (listen) Every single time I see you my adrenaline be rushin You’re body’s smokin' like a Newport, better yet a Backwood You like it in the backseat cause baby girl you’re that hood I’ve never had it how you put it on me (on me) The way you move is makin me horny (horny) But I just wanna kiss ya, all over your body Stretch you like Pilate’s, baby let’s get naughty Doin how we do, fuckin all around the house Started on the bed and ended up on the couch Damn, I touch you and you touch me, we get closer And ya hold me like you’re holdin on for dear life, boldly And we go out on the balcony and let our bodies wrap up And we fuck until the sun come up, housekeeping come and catch us I don’t care though, you takin it, I’m givin it and breakin Everything up in the room like a tornado in the makin And I’m lovin and embracin baby let me take you down And while you give it to me let me give it back girl listen to the sound As it goes

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