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Dreamer (Длительность 04:32)

Текст песни K'NAAN - Dreamer
Yeah Believe it or not What kept me alive Is my dreams I’m a dreamer But I ain’t the only one got problems But we love to have fun This is our world From here to your hood We alive man It’s OK to feel good I’m a dreamer But I ain’t the only one got problems But we love to have fun This is our world From here to your hood Lock me up now It’s OK to feel good I got a friend named Flow, who got a friend named blow With a finger named clap that’ll leave you on the side like a Kangol hat. He ain’t have no choice he was born this way These streets will pull your number like a phone display You gotta be defensive with your life You gotta be like Bush and take Pre-emptive strikes And the boys from the hood are always hard Let alone in Mogadishu it’s a mastered art If you bring the words hood to a seminar We from the only place worse then Kandahar, Now that’s kinda hard But we still like to party and hardy har Something good happens we say Mashalla Something bad happens Kay Sara Sara. I close my eyes and all I can see is you dancing with me It’s ok to feel good, it’s the truth Yo check it out What would it take for a boy about my age to hear cheers in his head upon that stage And the cheers that would drowned out the tears from my brown eyes Come on back stage you see the screams ain’t the screams from gun shot streams In my dreams these screams are from hot teens And I’m barely thirteen but I pack dirty, a Russian fire arm that shoots thirty Just then I hear the bus engine I’m transcending I’m crowd surfing I can’t see the time burning I’m not hurting with my mahogany pen. I’m on a world tour with Mohammad and them. And we be over sees and not in these trees where my peeps stay alive like the Bee gees And the likes of JZ would save my steeze and singing handily brought Hip-Hop peace Sometimes we just like to have fun, man we like to forget all the fighting all the guns and the tires burning, Back on the verse Imagine crack was in birth Imagine the earth wasn’t hurt Imagine no homeland alerts Imagine no record locater so I wouldn’t have to get a criminal waiver Imagine if peace wasn’t in my briefs instead peace could stretch across the sees So finally we could just rest and in easy no refugees And you, well you could dress in a book And I can read your body in less then a look I got a dream girl in my mind and that the hook, An intellectually, sexual and still can cook Yeah, and I feel good right now I feel good right here You feel good? We not down and out, just cause times are hard Yeah shout out to the struggeler’s, in my country, hardest place on earth But still I still know how to get down, I still know how to vibe out, I still know how to talk to a pretty girl. Take it easy now.

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