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T.I.A. (Длительность 03:38)

Текст песни K'NAAN - T.I.A.
I take rappers on a field trip any day They never been opposite real clip anyway I know where all the looters and the shooters stay Welcome to the city we call Doomsday When niggas is just fried chicken like Tuesday Oh you from the hood huh, who say My Nigerian niggas would call you Pussy My Somali niggas are quick to grab the uzi Around here we only bumpin' Fela Kuti 2Pac, or Bob Marley, Lucky Dube So we don’t really give a fuck about your groupies This Is Africa, hooray T.I.A, hooray T.I.A, hooray T.I.A, hooray It means, This Is Africa, hooray You don’t know how hard it is here The streets is tricky in these parts here You don’t know how hard this is here The streets need this shit here I walk rappers through the Killa hoods any day They never been opposite real goons anyway I know all the tricky sticky icky alley ways Welcome to the continent of holidays, Africa Where holidays quickly turn to hell days Stars fall quicker than box of shell case No Bill Gates, No PCs Why you cats debating, acting and faking these days I deliver what they need like milk crates I learned from the deadly streets no regrets And I wasn’t ever looking for street cred But these streets bred me to be street safe It’s no secret we know how to squeeze lead But the Pre-set is not to have to squeeze it Used to be at peace but now we using t-shirts And it reads RIP cause the peace dead When I walk through the slums like Nomane Little children say K’naan Bomaye The rap game just got itself a new day This is Africa, hooray T.I.A, hooray T.I.A, hooray T.I.A, hooray It means, This Is Africa

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