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Fatima (Длительность 05:01)

Текст песни K'NAAN - Fatima
Picture the morning taste and devour We rise early pace up the hour Streets is bustlin' hustlin' their heart out You can’t have the sweet with no sour Spices, herbs, the sweet scent of flower She came out precisely the hour Clouds disappear, the sun shows the power No chance of a probable shower I fell in love with my neighbors' daughter I wanted to protect and support her Never mind I’m just 12 and a quarter I had dreams beyond our border Is it true when they say all you need is just love? (Is it true?) What about those who I have loved? Only to find that it’s taken away And why do they say that the children have rights to be free? (To be free) What about those who I’ve known Whose memory still lives inside of me Fatima, what did the young man say, before he stole you away? On that fateful day Fatima Fatima, did he know your name or the plans we made? To go to New York City, Fatima And after school we studied the lessons I ask God to slow down the seconds He does the opposite that’s what I’m guessin' I better chill and count my own blessings Fatima, Fatima what is the matter? How come you ain’t come up the ladder? So we can be like there’s no tomorrow Damn you gonna make me wait until tomorrow She spoke Arabic and Swahili She’d say «Upendo anta habibi» You so bright, you shine like my TV Then one day she never came to meet me If beauty was in the eyes of beholder How come everyone hushed when she walked by How come girls would look just to scold her How come the angel wanted to hold her? Fatima, Fatima I’m in America I make rhymes and I make 'em delicate You would have liked the parks in Connecticut You would have said I’m working too hard again Damn you shooter, Damn you the building Whose walls hid the blood she was spillin' Damn you country so good at killin' Damn you feelin' for persevering Now I just want to make it clear I don’t want you to shed a tear Cuz this here (Fatima) is a celebration We’re not mourning, we’re celebrating (Fatima) Yeah So baby don’t cry Please don’t let the tears fall (Fatima) So don’t cry

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