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Песня:15 Minutes Away
песня 15 Minutes Away
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15 Minutes Away (Длительность 04:56)

Текст песни K'NAAN - 15 Minutes Away
Yeah, I am sending this one out to everyone who has had to wait on a money transfer Yeah, it’s kinda whack when they charge you like ten percent on the dollar, but you know how go it feels when they say… You can pick it up today It’s 15 minutes away The worst thing is the waiting, man It’s spiritually draining I guess I could repaint But don’t think I’m complaining I’m in my small apartment This month has been the hardest I couldn’t afford some omelettes I’m broken like an empty promise Sometimes when I’m in a meeting and everyone else is eating I feel so awkward asking So I pretend like I am fasting My girl had paid my payments She wants to save my anus She says my love’s contagious But my pride is so outrageous She sent me Western Union So I can make it through’n It felt so bad when she said write down this 11 digits I go out to receive it I’m desperate and I need it Feels like an angel speaking I can hardly believe it You can pick it up today It’s 15 minutes away You finally got a caller You met him in Sao Paula A tourist with a dollar He’s some kind of a balla Two babies in a scroller And still he wants to holla He likes your Pepsi cola But you ain’t running low-la Brazilians make it easy For bellas or fo sheezy The sun would make him dizzy Working for something mezlee These girls will make you trust em Because sweetness in the custom But everyday they hustlin' Every day they hustlin' John calls her with the number Home with her local lover Who was it that picked up the phone? Oh, that was just my brother She goes out to receive it She’s desperate and she needs it It’s like an angel speaking She can hardly believe it You can pick it up today It’s 15 minutes away I got my conformation The Western Union agent said grandma’s destination Had violent inclination But now I’m proudly pacing And walking to the station Heavy perspiration But you can’t tell me nothing I got my biz in order I made it cross the border Such dazzle, such a horror His life is like an opera Grandma I never forget you Worry, I’ll never let you Soon as I leave the venue This money I will send you I still haven’t gone astray Don’t drink or smoke and sway Though sometimes I don’t pray It feels so good to say Go out and receive it Cause I just know you need it Your boy has grow up decent Grandma, can you believe it? You can pick it up today It’s 15 minutes away

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