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Песня:Closing The Club
песня Closing The Club
Альбом:Pleasure & Pain
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Closing The Club (Длительность 04:02)

Текст песни 112 - Closing The Club
I got a hundred and twleve gals I’m tryin' to sell I drink too so I need to holla at the club owner And hit him with bout ten stacks to keep it open longer 112 and Three 6 Mafia we kickin' in the club Chiefin' on that eeh-wee herb till it’s right down to the nub ATL and Memphis, Tenn mixed together nothin' but love It’s a trip when playas meet, get on this level nigga whaaaat… Girl talkin' like she gon' be famous Tonight she got that Goose Tellin' her that she can take that, take that The beat got her trippin' and the heat got her pumpin' And she screamin' at the DJ «Don't stop playin' that», playin' that Oh, shorty’s got a body, came her with nobody So tonight ya know I’m gonna frame that, frame that She drivin' in the truck and sayin' you can be my nigga But the night is still young so won’t you fall back, fall back Oh Damn why she frontin' When she know that she want it I can tell how she’s on it Cuz she really wanna see me tonight I know what tonight can be If y’all would just work with me See what’s in front of me Just let me get made tonight What, y’all closing the club I ain’t finished drinkin' Can’t you see me talking to her What y’all closing the club Just give me a few minutes And she gon' be ready to go Soon as I pull up at the club, hop out the six Mr. Valet would you park my shit Then I bypass security I’m like, let me off up in the VIP Then I, spot shorty chillin' with girlfriend And I’m movin' close to get the open Look down, my watch was frozen It’s only two o’clock and the club is closin' I know there’s something that you wanna, show me That henny got me wanna do something, crazy Then they closed the bar How the hell y’all gon' play a star I’m almost there with this chick Now y’all makin me take her to the car Now she’s trippin' Now y’all can’t shut this down yet I just got this girl wet From this watch and this chain around my neck What’s in the lot, I rock a Phantom for a half mil Hit the lock a flyin' ho goes in the grill Now if the club close early, hell yeah I’ma get mad Cuz I’m lookin' for this freak, I think she hit me for my stash Juicy J, yes I’m that gigalo that’s lookin' for some ass She said she gon' chew me up then she gon' swallow up my nads

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