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You (Длительность 02:22)

Текст песни Dalida - You
I was a fool, just a fool for believing Although my heart is grieving I’m sorry for you. Now that he’s your love Don’t be too sure love Whatever you do You, young as a daydream Of love you may dream But he can’t be true True, he will admire you And he’ll desire you While love is new But of love that’s inspired He will soon grow tired Then what will you do? Take another look He’s like an open book Just read between the lines I beg of you I know all his ways Don’t hate him when he says «There'll never be another girl but you.» Until the next one And there’ll be a next one As sure as you live Then he’ll ‘phone for hours And send you flowers Hoping you’ll forgive You, don’t be a fool girl Don’t be a schoolgirl You must let him go If you don’t, you’re bound to rue it I’ve been all through it And I ought to know Once that man was mine And all the world was fine Until for me the sun forgot to shine Baby don’t you wait until it is too late For he will break your heart As he broke mine

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