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Песня:The Lambeth Walk
песня The Lambeth Walk
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The Lambeth Walk (Длительность 02:41)

Текст песни Dalida - The Lambeth Walk
Hello! What are you doing? I’m dancing Dancing the fox-trot, the polka? No, no I’m dancing the lambeth walk What? The lambeth walk! One day with time to spare In grandma’s home I climbed the stairs I reached the attic at the top Oh what a sight I had to stop Books, pictures, junk galore It looked just like a jumble store Lots of records everywhere Wished I could play them there Then with grandma in a dream I was on the thirties scene There was her old portable gramophone Turned the handles and it play All the songs of yesterday Charleston and waltz rumbas and swings of course But top of all the back there High up the union jack there Making you want to sing God save the King Learned the lyrics, learned the tunes Started dancing round the room Oh! That’s-a new Doing the lambeth walk It was a big sensation Just like a celebration You either sing or talk it lambeth walk it Anytime you’re lambeth way Any evening, any day You’ll find us all doing the lambeth walk Every little lambeth gal With her little lambeth pal You’ll find them all Doing the lambeth walk Everything’s free and easy Do as you darn well pleasy Why don’t you make your way there Go there stay there Once you get down lambeth way Every evening, every day You’ll find yourself Doing the lambeth walk Once you get down lambeth way Every evening, every day You’ll find yourself doing The lambeth walk

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