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Песня:City Lights
Артист:Method Man
песня City Lights
Альбом:Blackout! 2
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City Lights (Длительность 05:03)

Текст песни Method Man - City Lights
I get tore up, I get tore up under city lights Tore up every city, I get tore up under city lights I get tore up, I get tore up under city lights Tore up under city lights, tore up under city lights Yo, I’m rolling in my ride, my eyes real chinky Hit 145, buy like 12 twinkies Today a good day, I know, don’t jinx it I 'will' keep a 'smith', just like Jada Pinkett Baby, without blinking, I do it my way I shit on folks, the opposite of R. K. I’m rude, pardon me, I’m too hood Doc on your mind all the time, like New E.R.A. Who am I? That nigga too fly My mama gave birth on Continental Airlines I ain’t lying, I’m back, boy, you hit the backboard I’m all swish, make a memo on your black board This class here, nigga, is for the underground UGK, Doc and Meth, locking the summer down And I ain’t playing games, homey, so get it right Cuz I 'get tore, I get tore up' under city lights I dropped to 95, now I’m on 95 South and the dirty been riding dirty since Dirty died I gets it early, my nigga, heard me, I’m certified And when I ride, I’m with Reggie Noble, New Jersey Drive I make it happen, homey, I take you back when I was wearing ponies And them older niggas was snapping on me How many rappers know me? I know what cash own Face it, this game I take it, in holy matrimony And now can’t nothing hold me, I fucks with UGK Some dudes is more like Kobe, I’m more like Rudy Ray You either in it pimping, or you just in the way I love this life that I’m living, your shit can end today Two things to know about me, I guess I’ll never change And keep this money like Southern Cali, and never rain And I ain’t playing games wit ya, so get it right And I 'get tore, I get tore up' under city lights For the king of the trill is up in this bitch Drop the top, but I get the switch You see my level, he tuck the stitch Texas, nigga, we getting rich Fuck a hater, man, fuck a snitch G-Code nigga, we don’t love the po-po No more swag, now pass the dough dough We keep it super tight like pants in SoHo I’m bout my dough, ho, so don’t play with my bread Man, I be trying to stop the violence nowadays so it’s dead I’m popping that trunk and grabbing that chopper, putting that K to ya head I’d rather be laying up in the bed with your baby and may getting head Yeah, my Cadillac car is candy painted, dripping like Bernadette My steering wheel is woodgrain, I grip it and turn it quick I’m riding bowls, black with yellow stripes, like a Steeler And as far as the rims go, I’m an 84 dealer A smile peeler when I mash out in the Cady Lean it back up on the leather, man, and smoking on a fatty This UGK 4 Life, if you ain’t know you better get it right Why, 'I get tore, I get tore up' under city lights UGK, Redman, Method Man, in the fucking building, bitch

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