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Песня:End Of The Road
Артист:Boyz II Men
песня End Of The Road
Альбом:Legacy: The Greatest Hits Collection
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End Of The Road (Длительность 05:50)

Текст песни Boyz II Men - End Of The Road
Girl you know we belong together I don t have time for you to be playing with my heart like this You ll be mine forever baby You just wait (singing) We belong together And you know that I am right Why do you play with my heart Why do you play with my mind Said we d be forever Said it d never die How could you love me and leave me and never Say goodbye When I can t sleep at night Without holding you tight Girl, each time I try I just break down and cry Pain in my head Oh, I d rather be dead Spinning around and around (chorus 2x) Although we ve come To the end of the road Still I can t let go It s unnatural You belong to me I belong to you Girl, I know you really love me You just don t realize You ve never been there before It s only Your first time Maybe I ll forgive you Maybe you ll try We should be happy together forever You and I Will you love me again Like you loved me before This time I want you to love me much more This time instead Just come to my bed And baby just don t let me go chorus (talking, except things in parentheses) Girl, I m here for you All those time as night When you just hurt me And just ran out with that other fella Baby I knew about it I just didn t care You just don t understand how much I love Do you? I m here for you I m not about to go out on cheat you (Maybe I ll forgive you) Just like you did But baby that s alright I love you anyway (Maybe you will try) And I m still going to be here with you until my dying day (We should be happy together forever) Right now I m just in so much pain Cuz you just won t come back to me (You and I) Will you? Just come back (Lonely) Yes baby, my heart is lonely (Lonely) My heart hurts (Lonely) Yes, I feel pain too Baby please (back to singing) This time instead just come to my bed And baby just don t let me go

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