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Песня:I Stand Accused' 88
Артист:Isaac Hayes
песня I Stand Accused' 88
Альбом:Love Attack
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I Stand Accused' 88 (Длительность 05:35)

Текст песни Isaac Hayes - I Stand Accused' 88
I stand accused Of lovin' you too much And I hope, I hope it’s not a crime 'Cause if it is, I’m guilty Of lovin' you, you, you I, I hope to God That I never have, oh, to testify 'Cause if I do Everyone is gonna, they’re gonna cry They’re gonna say is guilty Of lovin' a sweet girl like you I know, I know You belong to another I, I may not stand a ghost of a chance I’ll stand on top of Mount Everest And proudly tell the world that I love ya Oh yes, I will Because I, I just can’t I can’t help myself I’m a victim of circumstance And just one Ooh, one touch of your hand I don’t know how it happened But just look at me I find myself chillin' On the witness stand And I’m shoutin' out All over, all over the land I’m guilty of lovin', lovin' you I’m guilty of lovin' you I said, I’m guilty But what can I do? I wanna hold ya I wanna squeeze ya tight But my mind said She belong to another And that ain’t right

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