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Песня:Playing With Fire
Артист:Brandon Flowers
песня Playing With Fire
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Playing With Fire (Длительность 05:47)

Текст песни Brandon Flowers - Playing With Fire
Daddy I’m not gonna tell you that I’m sorry Cause there ain’t nothing you can do to change my mind I’m not here to know the things I cannot do We’ve seen the outcome of the boys who didn’t fly That road outside that you’ve been taking home forever That’ll be the same road that I take when I depart Those charcoal veins that hold this chosen land together May twist and turn but somewhere deep there is a heart Playing with fire You know you’re gonna hurt somebody tonight And you’re out on the wire You know you’re playing with fire Perhaps this calling is the channel of invention I will not blush if others see it as a crime However dangerous the road, however distant These things won’t compromise the will of the design Ten thousand demons hammer down with every footstep Ten thousand angels rush the wind against my back This church of mine may not be recognised by steeple But that doesn’t mean that I will walk without a God Rolling River of Truth, can you spare me a sip? The Holy fountain of youth has been reduced to a drip I’ve got this burning belief in salvation and love This notion may be naive, but when push comes to shove I will till this ground You know you’re gonna hurt somebody tonight (oh, oh, oh …) Out on the wire And I might not get there But this little town, this little house They seem to be leaning in the wrong direction I’m not afraid of you no more (oh-oh, oh-oh, …) (Oh-oh, oh-oh, …)

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