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Песня:Moscow Underground
Артист:Simple Minds
песня Moscow Underground
Альбом:Graffiti Soul
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Moscow Underground (Длительность 05:01)

Текст песни Simple Minds - Moscow Underground
Descended from a world of darkened places, Descended from a world that’s lost control, Suspended between time and fractured places, I’m waiting for the fall here on my own. Please take me down where the rain drops, Please take me down, down below. Please hold me here where the dreams stop, Please leave me here on my own. It was fate that took me down into the place, I want to cross the borders of control. Take me to the shrine that’s in your basement, And hold me in that place I’ll lose it all. So please take me down where the rain drops, Please take me down so far below. Come take me down to where my dream stops. I don’t know where else I can go. So please take me down to where the rain drops, Please lay me down, down below. Please leave me here where the dream stops, Cause I don’t know where else I can go.

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