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Песня:Kiss & Fly
Артист:Simple Minds
песня Kiss & Fly
Альбом:Graffiti Soul
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Kiss & Fly (Длительность 05:01)

Текст песни Simple Minds - Kiss & Fly
Was my imagination, or they told me it was there? But I could see. Within that situation everything’s a cross to bear. I feel. Some are in a coma, Some are without sight. You can feel the transformation in their bodies in the night. Gone translucent, encircled in light So bring back the lover’s chains. No letters need reply. Move over what remains. Let us go kiss and fly. Was only one solution that was in my head, That I could see. Spiritual confusion so more than I could stand, I could feel. Like someone in a coma, Someone without sight. Feel it in my body, feel it every night. Gone translucent, encircled in light. So bring back the lovers chains. No need letters need reply. Move over what remains. And let us go kiss and fly. Bring back the lovers arms, Oh let me go deep inside. Cool over all remains, And let us go kiss and fly. Kiss and fly, kiss and fly. I don’t think there’s much to tell you. I don’t think there’s much to say. I don’t think there’s much to tell you. I know that you know so much more

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