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Песня:CPH Moro
песня CPH Moro
Альбом:Outland's Official
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CPH Moro (Длительность 03:36)

Текст песни Outlandish - CPH Moro
CPH sick like a rape case Never the less U’ll give it up all for a taste We waste no time Partying just like we apes Flavor most y’all Sparkling on your fucking tapes In this entertainment Shine like platinum bracelets Capture your listeners No matter what their race is Be ready to face this Dangerous Lyrically outrages Blowing up the spot Cuz I’m the one that amazes Say why y’all gotta be calling my home city a ghetto, when it’s not I never seen a real ghetto before — damn!!! I know my block Concrete jungle — but it ain’t mo' than that baby, u know!!! There’s no thug life — no bitches and ain’t nobody’s poor See my slums are mo' like Pleasantville With a murder once a year + some alcoholics on every street corner Sipping on welfare I’m making it clear I represent hip hop over here Copenhagen 2660 — el moro yeah!!! Outland-moro Don’t run or hide Renovadores Better recognize Outland-moro 'till the day that I die Cph-moro Feeling real high En esta selva de concreto Se siembran los rumores Crecen, se abultan, desvanecen A cada amanecer con lengua de serpiente Venenozo anochecer Dicen conocerme Una vez me han mirado O han pasado por mi lado Mis pasos son contados En los oscuros callejones Fantas? a nunca falta La vida no vale nada Si no es para vivir Por que pasar el tiempo Comentando mi existir In this concrete jungle People sow the rumors They grow, they enlarge, and they vanish Every single dawn, is like a serpent tongue Venomous nightfall They claim to know me And only once have they seen me Or walked by me Its like my steps are counted In the dark alleys The fantasy never misses But life is nothing worth If it isn’t to live it So why expend their time Comment on my existence See this is where I took my first breath Born and bread lot of bloodshed And now I’m probably stuck until I’m dead Codename silent alcoholic who won’t say a word And still leave the club with your bird yo I’m like the devil in the church when I creep On these dead end streets 2 many wanna see me Buried 6 feet deep bringing heat on this planet Where I’m stranded Calling the shots the way I planned it Lets dance Lets see if you stand a chance You wanna go toe to toe with the best but can’t keep up your pants Outland moro represents and conquer your camp With a million hardcore immigrants we doing biz Live and direct they digging what we doing chasing figures Still got itchy fingers on triggers outland niggers We taking hip hop to the next level Sky’s the limit for these devils Don’t course trouble but revolution like we rebels CPH moro leaving my mark like Zorro screaming moro And cock the hammer Copenhagen to Havana Some say we mainstream out for the cream But hip hops about changes and fulfilling your dreams

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