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Песня:The Bond Between Us
песня The Bond Between Us
Альбом:Outland's Official
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The Bond Between Us (Длительность 03:57)

Текст песни Outlandish - The Bond Between Us
This shit’s ancient like Egyptian So pay attention if you don’t want segregation A child born destined to be a king Never seen, never heard about Never has he mentioned in no books Raised by Sufi’s not crooks That’s knowledge Sophisticated, anticipated by those who froze long time ago Uhh give me one mo' chance I don’t wanna burn the bond between us Uhh gotta piece of mind Open it up and ride it with us On and on We go — hand in hand We ride — side by side De la duda a la angustia hay un paso Amarrados con disgustos a tu paso Tu me rechazas, yo amenazo Amenazas sin respaldo en este caso Amor mío, enséñame el camino a seguir Aunque pueda yo morir a tu lado Con lazos del señor mano a mano Tus ojos dan calor, no puedo ni contigo ni sin ti Mis sueños son por ti, tu destino es aquí Llorarías al yo irme? Serias fría como hielo al despedirme? Tus ojos dan la luz a mi vació Me hacen anhelar el día que me llames amor mío No se lo que decirte Ángel de mis sueños No te olvidare, lloraré Aunque nunca frente a ti Y sabes que en mis sueños Yo te llevo junto a mi Por ahora y siempre From the doubt to the anguish there is one step Tied with disgusts as you pass by You reject me, I threat Threats without backing in this case My dear one, show me the way to follow Even if I could die by your side With Gods bonds, hand in hand Your eyes give fervor, I can with or without you My dreams are for you, your destiny is right here Will you cry when I’m gone? Or will you be cold like ice when I say goodbye? Your eyes give light to my emptiness They make me desire the day you call me the love of yours I don’t know what to say to you Angel of my dreams I won’t forget you, I’ll cry But never in front of you You know that in my dreams I would keep you with me For now and forever Label me an alternative life form Calm though I bomb with a lyrical storm Strong like Attila, so bring it if you dare Bring an army of warriors still I wouldn’t care You about to loose For my verbal abuse and phrases Cut through your mental like razors Terror to my section Which election? Politicking ate my country with corruption Here they come when they attack they intent to kill My power penetrating amours and shields Using deadly force, knocking planets off course Hot like the sun you better run cause I collapse like the red sea People got kids to feed If you had seen what I have your eyes would bleed You can’t flow the old fashion way stay low when and where I appear you never Know

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