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Песня:The Sleep
песня The Sleep
Альбом:The Dark Side
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The Sleep (Длительность 03:55)

Текст песни Rage - The Sleep
If you don’t know me: I came from beyond My name doesn’t matter, 'cause that’s not the point This has no meaning where I’ll take you now Open your mind, then we’re ready to go What I will show you is all that you need That no living man on this earth ever has seen An answer to all of the questions you had The only solution you’ll never regret… Hey, this can’t be real This unbelieveable longing I feel Still it’s pushing me on Pushing me out of my body The sleep-destination unseen The sleep-death is not what it seems to be This is the real world, now you’re on my side The doors of eternity are opened wide What you see now is what comes after death If you have wishes, the answer is yes Without a body we’re all energy And we drown into all things here to be All of the places you wanted to see All of your visions — you are into it Hey, this is so real Please let me stay here, I love what I feel But I know I’m not dead I have to get back to my body (It's pushing me back to my body) The sleep-destination unseen The sleep-death is not what it seems to be

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