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Песня:Until I Die
песня Until I Die
Альбом:The Dark Side
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Until I Die (Длительность 04:34)

Текст песни Rage - Until I Die
Black In Mind Until I Die I awoke, I could not stay for more I tried to tell the others what I¹d seen before No one believed me, «it's a dream» they said But I have seen eternity when I was dead Who decided who’s to go and who’s to stay on this old world? This time now my path lead me to life There was a vision that lightened up my life And now I know it was death that I have treid Although I came back I’ve seen the other side So I will never forget until I die I remember seeing my body lying After the accident, my soul was drifting away Passing darkness to a golden light Into the arms of Jesus with my fathers eyes He decided I’d to go and stay for longer in this world Until I have walked my path of life There was a vision… There¹s a legion of the long — gone there A bundled energy of all that once were here No one’s lost, a comfort we can share Like a kind of existence, timeless, everywhere Who decided …

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