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Альбом:The Dark Side
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Forever (Длительность 04:44)

Текст песни Rage - Forever
Black In Mind Forever From the beginning you learned that we all have to die You got so used to the fact that you don’t wonder why You don’t ask: How does it feel to someone when the moment has come? When all is taken away, an existence is gone, who¹ll be his guide? Take his soul and takes his mind And his opened eyes stay blind Forever — you know there was someone inside The smile on these lips don’t seem right Forever’s a very long time Forever — these cheeks growing colder and grey A smile that is fading away Forever’s a very long time You know it happens a thousand times every day You can’t imagine you might be the next, you don’t want to care But Lady luck is a bitch, won’t stay at oneplace twice Wipes a curl from your eye and kisses you goodbye, bye bye… Leaves your soul and leaves your mind And your broken eyes stay blind Forever … So take good care of what you say It might be coming back one day So take good care of what you do This chance might be the last for you Forever — forever and ever, forever’s a very long time

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