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Песня:Let's Stay Together (Together Forever)
песня Let's Stay Together (Together Forever)
Альбом:Crown Royal
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Let's Stay Together (Together Forever) (Длительность 03:17)

Текст песни Run-D.M.C. - Let's Stay Together (Together Forever)
Let’s stay together Yo, yeah, DMC my man In the place to be Yo, this song is dedicated to (word) (Whether good days, happy or sad) To all of those that’s been down with each other since day one Aha, let’s keep it together Now we’ve been all around the world From the corner of the block to the top of the world and back We’re the royalty on the Ave, ain’t nobody ever have And the brand new jet black Cadillac We’ve been down since day one And no matter where I go people want to see him next to me They say «What's up with D?"I used to jam all across the land The coliseum, even MSG, when Raising Hell were cassettes In the shelves, and the plush hotel after every show We were just kissing the mic, living the life Of MTV and the radio And so you Jay and me said «it's 83'» We’re living and sticking together like a family And no matter what, the rule must be That it’s guaranteed that I’m for you, and you for me So: Let’s stay together let’s stay together Loving you whether, love is good and bad And happy or sad Yo, my love of the mic, can’t touch my love for my wife Baby I ain’t going nowhere, specially the way you smile When you have my child, or when I rock the crowd Can’t wait to be right there Even my kids that ain’t yours is still yours Cause you love him and treat him like your very own We be holding hands and I be holding doors And when my mother in-law spend time alone Call her about five hundred times a day When I’m often gone cause I’m on the road And when I’m on the phone, you know I want to be home Cause that’s the one and only spot where I really belong You know our love, called you the preachers' wife But the keys to bed lead living it up And everybody would know, them seen us in the video On the dance floor straight cutting it up I love you baby Let’s (come on) let's stay together, let’s stay together Loving you whether, days are good or bad, or happy or sad To me, you mean the world No matter what it is you say or do I always I will be there for you So no, no matter what, let’s stay together In the good life, happy or sad You mean the world, no matter what is it you say or do I always will be there for you So no, no matter what, let’s stay together In the good life, happy or sad Let’s, let’s stay together Loving you whether, love is good or bad, and or happy or sad Ain’t no beats to lead somebody you love Best thing in life, is to have somebody ya heard So keep it together Good days, happy or sad

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