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Песня:Take The Money And Run
песня Take The Money And Run
Альбом:Crown Royal
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Take The Money And Run (Длительность 03:48)

Текст песни Run-D.M.C. - Take The Money And Run
Let me tell you bout what I love in Gina Love is like no other couldn’t get in between her Always stayed fly man I wished that you seen her Said they had a scheme but nobody believed her No real job cause she stay in the streets Gina did nails but her love made beats When they wanna eat they just walked in the store They took what they wanted man the illest you saw Til one day they went up kindin fiendin with ice Butter like (?) the jeans and Gina said «The rings are nice» Next thing you know they wanna pull off a heist Shook took a look and shot the jeweler twice Diamonds all shinin as they flew in the air Butter actin up and grabbin stuff by the pair Gina at the door cause she good with the gun They both grabbed the money and run C’mon, take the money and run C’mon, take the money and run hey, hey, hey C’mon, take the money and run C’mon, take the money and run hey, hey, hey Spoonie was a rookie that was new on the scene Used to be a thug now he’s doin it clean Ironic he was coppin and they gave him the spot Knew Butter back from Hollis used to chill on the block Seen Butter round the way with a brand new Benz Gina lookin pretty in the city with friends Spoonie’s sayin yo I gotta get these ends And these are the two I gotta apprehend A big boy from Hollis promised not to tell And lead these cops on a long long trail Spoonie saw Gina and the chick turned pale Runnin sayin somethin like she don’t got bail Butter said promise me I won’t see jail Spoonie want a watch and a brand new cell Butter and Gina moved to Pensacola Spoonie got a Roley and a Motorola w/ variations All I can say is about the story Is livin like Butter Love is not for me Let me show you how we get the money legit Jack B. Nimble was nimble, and he was quick Rev. Run, D.M.C. is the +Kings of Rock+ Rolled to the top and then we never did drop You still here to jam me in two thousand and one Then me and D’ll take the money and run — 2X w/ variations Hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey — that’s what I say

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