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Песня:Fist in Your Face
песня Fist in Your Face
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Fist in Your Face (Длительность 03:50)

Текст песни Gotthard - Fist in Your Face
You pushed it to the limit Now you gotta choose tonight Tarot woman, you’re all about to loose the fight Don’t need a part time wizard Who drives me outta my mind Cuz I’m allright I gonna live it up tonight Once upon a time, Trought the world was mine alone Had no time to realize, It came without a warning at all Like a fist in your face A fist in your face And there’s a time bomb ticking Deep inside my head Must be a black hole attraction A wrong step n' your dead Don’t know the words surrender Don’t know the rules of the game I’m ready to go and I swear You won’t forget my name

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