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Песня:Make My Day
песня Make My Day
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Make My Day (Длительность 03:45)

Текст песни Gotthard - Make My Day
So you’re telling me now all your friends call you honey There’s your name on the wall And it ain’t that funny Guess you’re on the streets Shakin' legs every night And the whole world’s looking at you Kinda love at first bite And the same old song I hear you play On and on, again You gotta make my day Yeah, you drank all my wine n' you gave all my money away No more gas in the carand your dog wants me to stay Darling you know you go a little too far But I’m sure not a pawn on your chessboard Baby, no more Well, you take it all for granted You got me hypnotized So who do you think you are, honey I want you to make my day Don’t need no pretty lies, read my lips Make my day

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