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Песня:She Sits Down on Me
песня She Sits Down on Me
Альбом:That's the Way It Is
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She Sits Down on Me (Длительность 03:57)

Текст песни Nilsson - She Sits Down on Me
Now listen to my story, boys, I need your sympathy The tattooed lady in the circus fell in love with me And to prove her love was sweet as sugar canda-di She had my picture tattooed on her body She has the landing of the pilgrims on her shoulder And on her back she has the sunset of the west And right beside her dimpled knees She has two great big apple trees And the pyramids look lovely on her chest When she decided that she’d like to add my picture She simply couldn’t find a vacant spot, you see So she tattooed my poor face In a most peculiar place And now whenever she sits down, she sits on me She has a small gardenia tattooed on her elbow And on her hips she has the lovely Queen of May And right beneath her shapely spine If you saw that pal of mine You would see the famous road to Mandalay She has a rusty hinge that’s tattooed on her knee cap It looks so real it squeaks each time she bends her knee But she filled me with disgrace When she tattooed my poor face And now whenever she sits down, she sits on me Now do you wonder why I’m looking sad and worried And do you wonder why I am feeling mighty low I’d like to take a chance And kick her right square in the pants But if I do, I’ll only kick myself, I know The only time that anyone can see my picture Is when that tattooed lady takes her bath, oh gee I get black and blue, of course Every time she rides a horse 'Cause now whenever she sits down, she sits on me

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