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Песня:The Bells
Артист:Lou Reed
песня The Bells
Альбом:The Bells
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The Bells (Длительность 09:16)

Текст песни Lou Reed - The Bells
And the actress is relayed and the actor comes home late And the plays have gone down the crowds have scattered way Neath the city lights and the street No ticket could be beat for the beautiful show of shows Ah, Broadway only knows The great white Milky Way it had something to say When he fell down on his knees after soaring through the air With nothing to hold him there It was really not so cute to play without a parachute As he stood upon the ledge looking out, he thought he saw a crock And he hollered: Look, there are the bells And he said: Now, here come the bells Here come the bells, here come the bells Here come the bells Here come the bells X4

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