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Артист:Lou Reed
песня Families
Альбом:The Bells
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Families (Длительность 06:00)

Текст песни Lou Reed - Families
Mama, you tell me how’s the family And papa, tell me how thing’s going by you And little baby sister, I heard that you got married And I heard that you had yourself a little baby girl, too And here’s some uncles and some cousins I know vaguely And would you believe my old dog Chelsea’s here, too And would you believe nobody in this family Wanted to keep her And now that dog’s more of a part of this family Then I am, too I don’t come home much anymore No-no-no I don’t come home much anymore Mama And mama, I know how disappointed you are And papa, I know that you feel the same way, too And no-no-no-no-no I still haven’t got married And no-no-no there’s no grandson planned here for you And by the way, daddy tell me how’s the business I understand that your stock she’s growing very high No, daddy, you’re not a poor man anymore And I hope you’ll realize that before you die Because I don’t come home much anymore No-no-no-no-no I don’t come home much no more But daddy And please-please-please-please-please Come on let’s not start this business again I know how much you resent the life that I have But one more time, I don’t want the family business Don’t want to inherit it upon the day that you die Really, daddy should have given it to my sister You know Elisabeth, you know Elisabeth She has a better head for those things than I She lives practically around the corner That’s really the kind of child you could be proud of But papa, I know that this visit’s a mistake There’s nothing here we have in common, except our name And families that live out in the suburbs Often make each other cry And I don’t think that I’ll come home much anymore No-no, I don’t think I’ll come home much again Mama Papa Families Often make each other cry No, I don’t think that I’ll come home much anymore (How's the families)

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