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Песня:Looking for Love
Артист:Lou Reed
песня Looking for Love
Альбом:The Bells
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Looking for Love (Длительность 03:27)

Текст песни Lou Reed - Looking for Love
Hey now, there’s a lovely girl And she’s stealin' all your sheets Hey now, there’s a lovely girl That’s the kind of girl to meet, oh Hey now, there’s a lonely boy And he’s lookin', looking for love, ha, ah Ah now, there’s a lovely girl And she’s looking for some stud But she’s, hey now, won’t you give it, now Won’t you give it, give it, give it me, please, oh Hey now, there’s a lucky girl Give it, give it, give it to me Hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey Hey now, there’s an international boy Walkin' around the world Hey now, there’s a jet set star Lookin' still for some little pick up girl, I said — — Hey now, you used to scratch my back And you look across the board Hey, hey now, when you ripped open my shirt You see that’s written, hey, The Wanderer on my chest Hey, hey now, there’s a dancing girl Kiss you, kiss you, kiss you good bye, ooohhh baby ooohhh Hey now, there’s a lovely child Look, look, looking for love Hey, hey, hey Give it to us, baby, now, yeah There goes my chest, groovy on my best, baby, hey, yeah

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