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Песня:Nothing At All
Артист:Rob Dougan
песня Nothing At All
Альбом:Furious Angels
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Nothing At All (Длительность 06:32)

Текст песни Rob Dougan - Nothing At All
I want to be still I want to walk into your grave Where I can shelter in peace Until all our cares have blown away Let the whole world fall away And fall into my arms Stay with me I don’t know how long we’ve got left And so I’m asking you To forgive me I learn as I go To float far away — Into silence And just watch your face And find some kind of grace In that quiet bliss an I stay and say nothing at all, at all Where will we go When we get old When the bustle and the noise Get too frightning When each and every angry word Is banished to the past That when I think We’ll learn as we go To float far away Into silence And I’ll watch your face And read of patience and grace In each line there Work each day All for nothing at all, at all And the few words I say They mean nothing at all at all Will you walk into the grave with me Will you leave this empty world Soft and wistful? To sink into the dark, dark earth And never reappear would be blissful To float far away Into eternal space And God’s silence Where I’ll watch your face And find patience and grace In each line there Drift away into nothing at all at all Find the grace to be nothing at all at all Fade away and end up nothing at all At all At all At all

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