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Песня:There's Only Me
Артист:Rob Dougan
песня There's Only Me
Альбом:Furious Angels
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There's Only Me (Длительность 05:37)

Текст песни Rob Dougan - There's Only Me
You’re all I want You’re all I need You’re all I’ve got All I see It won’t be long Till suddenly You’ll find he’s gone And you’ll turn around and see There’s only me For whom there’s silence in your heart There’s only me Waiting patient to the last You wait and see One day your love will surely start You’ll turn around You’ll find when everyone departs There’s only me You walk in the room You take your seat You don’t turn around You don’t see me I’ll make him go You’ll find one day he’ll disappear You’ll turn around And find that not a soul is here There’s only me

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