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Песня:Sit On It
Артист:Dead Or Alive
песня Sit On It
Альбом:Sophisticated Boom Boom
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Sit On It (Длительность 03:07)

Текст песни Dead Or Alive - Sit On It
Oh, you’ve got a brand new way of life I do not like so I’m p-p-p-p-p-p-packing my things and I’m running around so Sit on it, sit on it, sit on it You you got the kind of looks that I just cannot take Oh, the kind of steps that you were set Well, I really really long to break but You must have something, you must have something Sit on it, sit on it, sit on it You got me switching and bitching- everywhere! First I get the feeling, and then I just can’t feel it where it is I see you but I can’t touch you, move on up 'coz I can’t feel you Sit on it sit on it sit on it

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