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Песня:Absolutely Nothing
Артист:Dead Or Alive
песня Absolutely Nothing
Альбом:Sophisticated Boom Boom
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Absolutely Nothing (Длительность 04:21)

Текст песни Dead Or Alive - Absolutely Nothing
Where are you when the sun goes down And I need somebody that I can rely on? Where are you when I’m all alone And I’m wanting a mattress, that I can lie on? Well I look for you most everywhere And I’ve been tought about crawling away But I’m gettign nowhere and you’re on the run so I’ve gotta ask you, I’ve gotta ask you What do you give me? Nothing! Nothing! What are you good points? Nothing! What am I left with, nothing, nothing! Well I’ve got detectives on the job and what do they come up with? Nothing! And I’ve torn down all of your secret walls and what do I find there? Nothing! (*repeat 2x) (** repeat) (*repeat) (**repeat) Absolutely nothing! I need somebody’s body Absolutley I need anybody’s body I need anybody’s body (continue with ad libs from this section) What do you give me?

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