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Песня:My Old Flame
Артист:Tony Bennett
песня My Old Flame
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My Old Flame (Длительность 02:54)

Текст песни Tony Bennett - My Old Flame
I knew I heard it somewhere before I wracked my recollections as I listened When suddenly I remembered once more My old flame I can’t even think of her name But it’s funny now and then How my thoughts go flashing back again To my old flame My old flame My old flame My new lovers all seem so tame For I haven’t met a gal So magnificent, my only pal As my old flame I’ve met so many who Have fascinating ways A fascinating gaze in their eyes Some who took me up to the skies But their attempts at love Were only imitations of My old flame I can’t even think of her name But I’ll never be the same Until I discover what became Of my old flame

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