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Песня:Just Like Dope
Артист:Too Short
песня Just Like Dope
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Just Like Dope (Длительность 03:54)

Текст песни Too Short - Just Like Dope
It’s that high The pussy’s just like dope It’s that dope Even, if, you don’t, want no mo' Even if you don’t want no mo' The pussy’s just like dope First time you got a shot, you was hooked When she walked into your life, you never shoulda looked Ain’t no rehab for pussy, it won’t hurt me You just like cigarettes and goin cold turkey That’s all you ever think about Nasty ass hoes’ll give you stank mouth First thing in the morning, she’s on your mind Twenty minute kisses, all the time Bomb ass head, hit it from the back She be ridin yo' dick like a horse bareback You ever wonder where she learned that? The bitch’ll pull a pimp’s perm back Special handlin, dick’s the package It’s mine — you gon' let me have it back bitch? Good pussy make you fall in love You better say no to drugs Chorus: Too $hort It’s like heroin (heroin, heroin) The pussy’s just like dope Even, if, you don’t, want no mo' The pussy’s just like dope I chose to say no to drugs Pussy throw them thangs beat yo' ass like thugs Have you whipped, creamin in yo' hand and shit Call her every day and can’t stand the bitch You old pussy ass sucker niggas Still love hoes that fuck other niggas Can’t tell you nothin, you need counselin Fuck that shit, keep poundin it I’m talkin bout some stay wet Bustin big nuts in her face shit Dick thrustin like a spaceship Red snapper’s what I call that pussy Why you askin stupid questions like would she Suck yo' dick -- you ain’t know? It was passed down to her from her kinfolks Momma and her aunties was freaks Kryptonite pussy got you weak Chorus Uh-huh. OOOH! Some of these bitches is garden tools, and I don’t mean shovels I mean hoes HOES experts at workin they pussy muscles Literally (??) over these hoes, niggas’ll fight and scrap for But see I don’t play that shit, I beat a bootch down with a belt buckle The first thing you wanna do is go down on a botch, and eat her crabby KNOWIN that there botch still got lead in her ass from yesterday I’m on your botch -- size 44D bodacious breasts But the bitch got mo' miles on her THAN SOUTHWEST Don’t, you, get it dis-com-bob-u-la-ted (discombobulated) She used to have a 70's bush — until I shaved it (until I shaved it) Beatch, beatch! Now you all in front of her momma’s house, blowin your horn (blowin your horn) All in front of her momma’s house, blowin your horn Suicide, dial that girl for help? (help?) Shot up her fam' BAM, returned to grind on yourself Chorus 2X

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