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Deliverance (Длительность 13:36)

Текст песни Opeth - Deliverance
Floating on mist Crept up the caverns of my brain Receiving no warning From nothing to a life code Walk with me, you’ll never leave Wait to see your spirit free Tell me how your heart’s in need As I drown you in the sea Unwinding snares of distrust Your wrist in my fast grip Look me in the eye, I’m clear This is your time Face down beneath the waterline Gazing into the deep From love to death In a time span of seconds Oblivious to regret Pushed into belief In liquid cellophane Gasping for air Mercy in my eyes Is the shade of the night Face down beneath the waterline Gazing into the deep The piercing sounds you make Soaring higher, higher now And once left in my wake Your memory is nothing but the scars on me All over now Forgotten why I needed this Standing down Disappear into the obscure Resting days Waiting for new disease Biding time Looked inside insanity It always burns within The downward spiral never ends When driven into sin Your salvation’s found in a sinner’s deed The devil guides the way Tells me what to say Pours himself inside And snuffs the final light Deliverance Thrown back at me Deliverance Laughing at me

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