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Wreath (Длительность 11:11)

Текст песни Opeth - Wreath
Falling inside again This nightmare always the same Still never enough Halting at the brink of discovery Moving into the darkness Leaking inside to cover up Dragging me down and under Entangled and undone at once Old memories I’m not in need but wish to know What are the tragedies The history behind the walls Pacing further down Familiar children’s laughter Dissonant and out of time And their eyes are dead Watching myself in a pool of water Wearing the mask of a ghost Smeared all across my skin Rotten earth and insects Endless night Always preserving the calm Movement behind Bleeding animals in a field of fire There is no absolution Death is but a fairytale They are mere visions They are afraid of me Clear insight A smoke is rising nearby Dust covering my coat Blend together to spell my name Pale, covered me with sweat There are no words left Sole provider of death Distorted faith in myself Human harvest burning Blackest pages turning Twisted perception come true Captured in dreams connected Staring right back Spiritual decay — Still seeking Frozen in time Mourn this departure — All watching Calling me back Closure to bleak matters — I’m leaving End of a search Coming of morning Calling me back Closure to bleak matters — I’m leaving End of a search Coming of morning — Returning

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