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Песня:Are You Ready?
песня Are You Ready?
Альбом:my best...
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Are You Ready? (Длительность 03:00)

Текст песни Meja - Are You Ready?
What about if the sky was green just like a picture out of the blue Sometimes it is on the moviescreen when you feel them closer to you But who´s to know Who´s running this show Are you ready, ready are you ready for the new time coming? Are you ready, ready are you ready for I hear the calling What about if they look just like us with a wicked fantasy What about if, yeah what about if there is no guarantee What about if: They´re talking to loud They ain´t got no style they don´t like me at all What about if: They just scream and shout they´ll throw me out They don´t like me at all

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