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Песня:Let's Go To Tahiti
Артист:J.J. Cale
песня Let's Go To Tahiti
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Let's Go To Tahiti (Длительность 02:50)

Текст песни J.J. Cale - Let's Go To Tahiti
Let’s go to tahiti Let’s go to tahiti Well, the man been working in the shop all year He said «men, we’ve got to get out of here» Well, the girl been working in the five-and-dime She says, «girls, let’s go while we’ve still got the time» Let’s go to tahiti Let’s go to tahiti Tell the captain «put the rhum on the boat» Everybody on board, let’s see if she’ll float Let that old jet plane fly on by We’ve got the time till the day we die Let’s go to tahiti Let’s go to tahiti

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