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Песня:Nobody's Child
Артист:The Beatles
песня Nobody's Child
Альбом:Legends - The Beatles
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Nobody's Child (Длительность 03:54)

Текст песни The Beatles - Nobody's Child
I was slowly passing an orphan’s home one day. And stopped there for a moment just to watch the children play. Alone a boy was standing and when I asked him why he turned with eyes that could not see and he began to cry. People come for children and take them for their own. But they all seem to pass me by and I am left alone. I know they’d like to take me but when they see I’m blind they always take some other child and I am left behind. (No) mother’s arms to hold me or soothe me when I cry. Sometimes it gets so lonely I wish that I could die. I’d walk the streets of heaven where all the blind can see. And just like all the other kids there’d be a home for me. R E F R A I N: I’m nobody’s child I’m nobody’s child I’m like a flower just growing wild. No mommy’s kisses and no daddy’s smile nobody wants me I’m nobody’s child.

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