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Песня:The End of the Line
Артист:The Offspring
песня The End of the Line
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The End of the Line (Длительность 03:02)

Текст песни The Offspring - The End of the Line
When the siren’s flash is gone And we’re left to carry on All the memories are too few When the pastor’s music plays And that casket rolls away I could live again if you Just stay alive for me Please stay now you left me here alone it’s the end of the line Please stay I can’t make it on my own it’s the end of the line Make it on my own Oh oh it’s the end of the line Oh oh Now that you are dead and gone And I’m left to carry on I could never smile cause you Won’t stay alive for me Finally, Your final resting day Is without me I weep And think of brighter days What about me? You can’t take back, the one mistake That still lives on after life it takes In that one day, that changed our lives And bitter memories are left behind

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