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Песня:Tell Me
Артист:Toni Braxton
песня Tell Me
Альбом:Original Album Classics
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Tell Me (Длительность 04:09)

Текст песни Toni Braxton - Tell Me
There ain’t no need to call your friends And tell them you’ll be out hanging at the club tonight Baby, can’t you see? I’ve been working out My body’s tight I can make you feel Happy and so nice Just tell me what you desire If you want me swinging from a pole If you want me, baby, to make it roll If you want to see my thong’s up high I can do it right If you want a little private dance If you want it, baby, with romance If you want a little menage a trois Well, maybe that’s too far Hook Tell me what you want (I got it) Tell me what you need (I got it) Satisfaction’s guaranteed There ain’t no need to stay out late There ain’t no need to lie 'Cuz I’m waiting home for you, baby Just tell me what you need I’ve got lingerie and toys and things To set the mood tonight Your wish is my command, sugar Just tell me what’s your fantasy Hook All that you want, baby, I got it Yes, indeed Just come home to me Baby, can’t you see? All that you want, baby, I got it Please believe Just put your trust in me Baby, can’t you see? Hook

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