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Артист:James Shearman
песня Together
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Together (Длительность 02:18)

Текст песни James Shearman - Together
One time I dreamt an unknown land With jungle trees and the blackest sand Had taken us as prisoners in the nightUpon its shore we could not sleep Instead we stayed awake to keep Our minds off hidden monsters and the likeSo hour by hour we passed the time We watched a motion picture in the sky You were the clouds and I was the moonYou and me, together, together, togetherThen waves came crashing down on me And they tried to take me out to sea You fought them off so gallantly and wonNow back again upon our shore Well we really wanted nothing more Than to hold each other 'til our arms grew tiredSo slowly like a timid flower The sun rose up at just the hour When we had slowly slipped out of my dreamYou and me, together, together, together You and me, together, together, together Together is all we need

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