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Песня:Think About You
Артист:Luther Vandross
песня Think About You
Альбом:The Ultimate Luther Vandross
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Think About You (Длительность 03:28)

Текст песни Luther Vandross - Think About You
So close to paradise, but closer than I should be It’s like I’m along for the ride, it happened unexpectedly Promised myself that I wouldn’t ever love again But you make me feel something, my mind’s always on you I was standing in the rain (I thought about you) I was riding on the train (I thought about you) Feeling high like I seem to do Every time I think about you Saw two lovers start to kiss (I thought about you) Had to hold back the tears (I thought about you) Other girls no more exist All because I think about you Nothing seems to help, I don’t even know myself I’m trying not to think of you, but a heart does what it wants to do Pass you by, see you smile and I must admit I get So emotional, I think I’m falling for you Bought a pillow for my room (I thought about you) Heard Alicia sing a tune (I thought about you) It sends my rocket to the moon Every time I think about you Right from this heart of mine (I thought about you) I wanted you every time (I thought about you) What I feel is so divine And it’s all because I think about you But I’m constantly reminded Reminded that you’re only someone who I’d like to know You don’t know me, you’re my private fantasy You’re with me, constantly in my mind Had a lovely day today (I thought about you) Wasn’t hard to get through (I thought about you) Seems to happen easily Every time I think about you Took a walk with myself (I thought about you) Wish it could’ve been with you (I thought about you) But every star in the sky came out for me And it’s all because I think about you

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