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Beethoven (Длительность 04:31)

Текст песни Eurythmics - Beethoven
Take a girl like that And put her in a natural setting Like a cafe for example. Along comes the boy And he’s looking for trouble With a girl like that With a girl like that. Who knows what they’ll decide to do. Who knows what they’ll get up to. I’d love to know. Wouldn’t you? I love to listen to Beethoven… You think you know just what you want But you have used that weapon agianst me. Did I tell you I was lying by the way When I said I wanted a new mink coat. I was just thinking about Something sleek To wrap around my tender throat I was dreaming like a Texan girl A girl who thinks she’s got the right to everything. A girl who thinks she should have Something extreme. I love to listen to Beethoven…

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